Arc of Adams County Adult Advocacy Services

The Arc of Adams County provides advocacy services to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We are not a legal service.

Who qualifies for our Adult Services?

If you have been found eligible for DD services in Colorado, you will qualify for our services. If you do not meet the Colorado Developmental Disabilities definition, do not know if you meet the definition, or have questions about the definition, please call our office to discuss your situation. We may make exceptions if you are close to meeting the definition and our availability to assist you allows. People who meet the definition of a developmental disability in Colorado will take priority of our time. Please see DD definition.

What will we do?

We will talk with you to determine what your advocacy issue is and how we can help. We have a “single issue advocacy” approach however. Once your issue has been identified and resolved, we will fade out and no longer be involved.

What is advocacy support?

Advocacy support can vary widely and mean different things to different people. Here are some examples:

  • Assistance applying for developmental disability services

  • Assistance resolving problems with your services/conflict resolution

  • Appealing a decision to terminate or reduce your services

  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities

  • Applying for public assistance including Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps,
    Medicaid waiver programs and you lack other support to do so

  • Learning self advocacy skills

  • Assistance communicating your wants and needs

  • Assistance understanding the developmental disabilities system

  • Referrals to other resources, including legal resources

  • Monitoring services and supports when concerns, rights suspensions, and
    restrictions exist

  • Disability awareness and information

These are only examples. Every situation is individual and you may have other needs or problems that are not described above. Please call us to talk about what you need.