Self-Advocacy is standing & speaking up for yourself to get your wants and needs met. 

How do I do this? We offer a self-advocacy class through The Arc of Adams County, but here are some good tips to get you started:

  • Know what you like & don't like (what is your favorite food? What do you do for fun? What is your favorite part of your job?

  • Know what you want & have a plan.

  • Know what you can do to help.

  • Know what you need to help with.

  • Know who to speak with about what you want.

    • Make good eye contact​

    • Be respectful

    • Be clear

    • Write it down 

    • Listen

Learn more about standing up yourself!
Call The Arc of Adams County to talk about taking a class, joining SFO, or receiving tips on resolving your problem.

Speaking For Ourselves (S.F.O.)

is a group dedicated to helping you learn to speak up for yourself with the help of other self-advocates. 


What are some issues you may discuss?

Setting your own goals

Becoming a part of the community

Asking to be treated with respect

The option to live as independently as we can



You would like to get a job, but are unsure where to begin:

  • Ask someone you are close with to assist you or give you advice

  • Contact North Metro Community Services: (303) 457-1001

  • Contact the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: (303) 866-2182

You live by yourself & need help contacting your landlord to fix something:

  • Call the rental office

  • Stop by the rental office in person

  • Ask a neighbor for help

  • Explain your problem thoroughly

No one is listening to me:

  • Make yourself clear, even if you have to repeat yourself

  • Talk to someone who respects your wants & needs

  • Be respectful to whom you are speaking with 

  • Call US! 

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